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Decoration for your Soccer Party

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This Soccer Garland turns your home into a soccer stadium

This soccer garland gives the kick-off to your kicker party! You decide whether you want to hang it on the wall or decorate your birthday table with it – no matter how you use it, the garland turns your living room into a real soccer stadium. Your little guests will love it!


What do I get?

The printable contains 4 spiral printables and 8 soccer motifs, each with a front and back, which need to be glued together. You also get 4 pennant chain templates. The garlands are designed in different shades of green and gold to match the motto and they are printed with footballs, jerseys and trophies. The template is ready for immediate download and simply needs to be printed and cut out. Now attach the motifs to the spirals and glue a string to the pennants – the soccer party can begin!


What else?

You can download the printable three times within one month. Once you downloaded it you can print and craft as many garlands as you like. Simply print the original in the required number. For an optimal result, we recommend that you print the original with a paper thickness of 120-160 mg/m2.



Supplies: 1x PDF à 8 DinA4 printing sheets containing 4 different spiral garlands, different soccer motifs and 4 different pennant chains

Size: pennant chains ca. 9cm x 9cm (height and width of a folded pennant); hanging spiral ca. 40 cm ; motifs ca 9 x 9 cm (size depends on motif)

In addition: Printer & paper, scissors, glue and string


Have a look at our soccer archive to get more inspiration for an unforgettable soccer party!

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