Plane Bottle Labels and Cup Labels


Decoration set with plane bottle labels and cup labels

Product Information

Plane Bottle Labels and Cup Labels – Everybody Gets the Right Drink!

These plane bottle and cup labels turn your birthday into something special! By labeling your drinks, no one bothers about swapping their drinks anymore. No matter if you are celebrating your anniversary with some little pilots at home or on tour. This decoration does not only fit to your flying motto, but even the labels are also functional.

What is included?

The 20-part kit for DIY includes different designs for your bottle and cup labels. You can choose between four different patterns or just mix it! You can label them and stick it on your drinks. For each pdf file printed, you get a total of eight cups and twelve bottles to label. In line with your flying motto, the bottle and cup labels are overall designed in blue color with some cute little airplanes. The printable is available for instant download – print, cut, label and stick.

What else?

Within one month, you can download the printable three times in total. Once you downloaded the printable, you can print and copy as many figures as you want. Just print the template you prefer in the desired number.


Supplies: 1 pdf with five printables (8.5 x 11) including 12 bottle labels and eight cup labels in two designs and four different patterns.

Size: Cup Labels (3.7 x 1.6); Bottle Labels for 1 PET bottle (1 pint/ 16.67 fl. oz).

In addition: Printer & paper, scissors, glue (cap & PET bottle).

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