Pirate Treasure Hunt


Pirate Treasure Hunt for adventurous birthday fun!

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Arrrr! Pirate Treasure Hunt

We help you prepare an exciting pirate treasure hunt. It can be carried out any place, any time. Our tip for treasure hunting in dawn: Use flashlights and glowing sticks to make it even more thrilling for the kids. With the help of this printable you can send the birthday group on an adventurous search for secret clues and eventually to a pirate treasure. Where does this treasure come from? From the reverent Captain Blackbeard. He will lead the kids, his crew, to the treasure.



What is the treasure hunt about?

The feared Captain Blackbeard confronts the little pirates with a mystery: he has left them a treasure. In order to find him, however, the pirates must first prove themselves worthy of following in his footsteps. For this the birthday crew must prove team ability, follow clues together and solve riddles. They’re getting help from Parrot Paule, the captain’s accomplice. The big question is: Will the pirates manage to find the treasure together? Big fun for the little pirates!



What do I get?

The Pirate Treasure Hunt contains:

  • game instructions for the game leader who reads the clues
  • messages from Captain Blackbeard
  • riddles
  • certificates for the brave pirates
  • printables for pirate bracelets


What you’ll need in addition:

  • (DIY) Telescope
  • colorful feathers or a plush parrot
  • a compass
  • street chalk (in good weather, alternatively branches and stones)
  • a container with water, for example a tub or rain barrel, if there is no shallow brook or water playground or similar nearby
  • an empty bottle with a lid for a message in a bottle
  • bird sand, if there is no playground with sand nearby
  • an opaque scarf, sleep mask or similar for blindfolding



What else?

The pirate treasure hunt is suitable for children from ages 4 to 7. You can download the printable 3 times within one month. Of course you can print the original as often as you want once you have downloaded it. So the game fun can start anytime!




1x PDF à 15 DinA4 printing sheets.

One print contains:

  • preparation plan
  • game manual
  • pirate letter
  • 7 messages from the captain for printing and cutting
  • Certificate space for writing down names
  • 8 bracelets in two different colors


Are you looking for more ideas for an adventurous birthday on board? Check out our pirate archive for more DIY printables!

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