Ice Cream Dice Game


Dice your own delicious ice cream!

Product Information

Ice Cream Dice Game – a fun activity for your birthday party

You need some fun activity for entertaining the little ones at your kid’s birthday party? Let them dice their own ice cream and bring back summer time. The Ice Cream Dice Game is lots of fun and easy to play – and who doesn’t like a delicious ice cream?

How to play

The printable for the Ice Cream Dice Game contains an easy and fun games for children who can create their own ice cream by dicing. The finished Ice Cream consists of a waffle, several scoops of ice cream, cream topping and a rolled biscuit. Before you start the game, you should print the program of the game as well as the template. Cut out any parts of the ice cream provided. For each player, you need one template separately such that every kid may build their own ice cream. In order to start, every player gets one waffle for his own ice cream. Now you roll the dice. Which part of the ice cream you get, depends on the number you throw. This is how your ice cream is going to build sequentially. The parts of the ice cream you receive by dicing, you should collect next to you on the table and assemble your ice cream step by step. For each roll of the dice, you only get one piece to build your ice cream. If you’re dicing a number for the second time, you can’t add any new part to your ice cream but have to pass on the dices to the next one in row. You win the game if your ice cream is finished first and ready to be eaten.

What is included?

The printable contains of the game program as well as all parts of the ice cream includinga waffle, several scoops of ice cream, cream topping and a rolled biscuit. The template is available for instant download. Just print, cut and glue the pennants on a string.


What else?

Within one month, you can download the printable three times in total. Once you downloaded the printable, you can print and copy as many figures as you want. For each game you’ll need a copy of the game program as well as the parts of the ice cream in the number of players. We suggest you to print the templates on paper-based 120-160gsm to get the best result.

Additionally, you’ll need a dice in order to play.


Supplies: 1 pdf with 2 printables (8.5 x 11) providing the template for the game programm and preparation instructions including the parts of the ice cream to be cut out (1 waffle, 1 pink scoop, 1 yellow scoop, 1 brown scoop, 1 cream topping with cherry, 1 rolled biscuits and 1 spoon)

Size: composed ice cream 4.5 x 9

In addition: Printer & paper, scissors, glue, dice.


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