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Printable for a DIY Escape Room Game „The Party Thief“

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Exciting Escape Room Game „The Party Thief“ for your children’s birthday

With this Escape Room game printable you can make your own Escape Room at your home. With the help of the instructions and the templates, you can create an exciting Escape Room game with little preparation time and a few other utensils, in which the children must show not only brains but also a lot of skill and team spirit.


What is the Escape Room Game about? 

In this Escape Room the kids are faced with a mystery: Someone wants to interrupt the birthday celebrations and steals something. The children learn what exactly was stolen only throughout the game. But the culprit does not make it easy for them, he seems to have planned the deed very well. During the course of the game, the children receive riddles and messages of the thief, step by step leading them towards letters which will form a solution word once they are complete. In some parts of the Escape Room the little detectives have to solve tricky questions to find the thief’s secret hiding places, such as a hidden key in a book, and they will even get in contact with his accomplice, whose mobile phone number he left them. Once the thief realizes that he can not fool the little sleuths, a QR code leads them to the last missing letter and, finally, to the stolen goods – now the party can begin!


Throughout the game, the kids are playfully confronted with challenges they have to solve by working together and showing team spirit. The game is suitable for children from 6 years of age at the earliest (a solution word must be able to be composed of letters).


What do I get?

The Escape Room Game „The Party Thief“ for immediate download contains:

  • A checklist for your preparations
  • A game manual for the game master
  • Messages by the thief
  • Riddles
  • Right (and wrong) letters to print out for the solution word
  • Printable for crafting: a code roll with code words to encode, labels for cans


The game can be designed individually.


In addition, you’ll need

  • An old book (that can break)
  • Six cans of the same size and a tennis ball
  • An App for reading QR codes (free QR Code Apps are available in the App- & Google Play store)
  • Empty toilet roll
  • 3 non-transparent balloons and black permanent marker
  • Annual calendar for the wall
  • Wooden chest with key (big enough to fit a tennis ball)
  • Shoe box and a cutter knife for a DIY feel box
  • Slime, dough or similar mass for filling, small objects for confusing in the feel box
  • A timer (a mobile phone works just fine)

What else?

You can download the printable in a total of five times within a month. Of course, once you have downloaded the original, you can print it out as often as you like. So the fun can start all over again at any time!


The printable contains:

1x PDF à 12 DinA4 printing sheets. One print contains originals of:

  • A checklist and preparations
  • A game manual
  • Six messages
  • Two riddles
  • Printable for cutting out the letters of the solution word
  • Printable for crafting the code role


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