Dinosaur Gift Box


Dinosaur Gift Box for crafting 

Product Information

With this Dino Gift Box, giving presents is double fun!

This practical gift box in Dinosaur style with cool motifs can be used as a box for small birthday presents as well as give away packages for your little explorer guests. The gift box is available for instant download and simply needs to be printed, folded and pasted. Our detailed instructions make the crafting super easy! With this box the party fun keeps for a long time for the kids!


What do I get?

The printable consists of the Dinosaur gift box in four different colors for cutting and self-folding and a detailed step-by-step guide. Once you downloaded the printable, you can print and fold it as often as you like. So you have guaranteed enough boxes for every child and opportunity – anytime you want.


What else?

The printable can be downloaded within a month in total three times. As soon as you have downloaded it you can print the original as often as you like and make as many gift boxes as you prefer.

For an optimal result, we recommend you to print the original with a paper thickness of 120-160 mg / m2.


Contents: 1x PDF à five A4 sheets with the Gift Box in four different colors plus crafting instructions.

Dimensions: Finished gift box: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm


Have a look at our Dinosaur category to find more inspiration for exciting birthday fun!

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