Ballerina Party Game – Dance, little Ballerina


Fabulous Party Game for little ballerinas

Product Information

Party Game for little dancing queens

Let the kids dress little ballerinas and decorate them with many accessories! With our template for the Ballerina Party Game „Dance, little Ballerina“ you can bring home a creative game immediatly. The children can make ballerina posters and put on the ballerinas with the help of pretty accessories. A magical party fun for your ballerina birthday party!


What do I get?

The Ballerina Party Game to download includes two small ballerinas posters for crafting, lots of pretty ballet accessories and crafting tutorials. Children can choose tutus, dance shoes, as well as hair accessories and ballerina accessories. Every child can take a small ballerina home and hang it at the wall as a souvenir of the beautiful party.


What else?

If you want to offer the game as a movement game you can also hang the poster on the wall and let the children blindfolded try to stick the accessories in the right place.

The template can be downloaded within a month in total 3x. Of course you can print the template as soon as you have downloaded it as often as you like – so you can make and send a lot of Ballerina posters! For an optimal result, we recommend you to print the original with a paper thickness of 120-160 mg / m2.


You may additionally need if you want:
– carton to reinforce the poster (about 39cm x 54cm)
– Double-sided adhesive tape
– scissors and glue
– Foam rubber to reinforce the accessories


Content: 1x PDF á 14 A4 printed sheets (includes two ballerina posters, Accessories, Tutus, Shoes, crafting instruction)

Dimensions: Ballerina Poster: 39 cm x 54cm

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