Having any questions concerning our shop? In order to help you have the best shopping experience we have provided the answers to the most important questions coming up while visiting our shop. If you still have open questions, don’t hesitate writing us an email to kontakt@balloonas.com!

What is an instant download?

At balloonas we are trying our best to help you accelerate your execution of party planning. This is why we provide you products which you can download right after having bought them which means you don’t have to wait until your product is arriving but can be downloaded immediately. The download contains one PDF file for each printable, which you can easily download and print at home – super comfortable.

Which paying methods are available?

Currently, you can pay secure and fast with Paypal as well as using your debit card or paying per direct transfer.

Note: If you’re using a direct transfer, your download may be delayed, since it can only be cleared when the transfer has been received. Please have this in mind when paying.

What is going to happen after having paid?

After having paid a link to download your product will be provided.

Download your product by clicking the button

Additionally, you are going to receive an email with your order details and order number. This is where you can find the link to download your product as well.

Download link provided in your mail

What do I need in order to finishing the product at home?

All of our products will be provided as an instant-download to be printed at home, meaning you’re buying a digital product, which you can download as an PDF file. This is why you are going to need computer program to open PDF files (e.g. PDF Reader). Besides, a color printer will be helpful to print the printables. We advise you to use stronger paper to receive the best result. Ideal may be a paper thickness of 120-160g/m2.

Is it possible to exchange a bought product?

Since our printables are digital products, which will be provided to you immediately for download, we’re afraid, there is no possibility to exchange the products afterwards. However, if you have any problems with the product or download, don’t hesitate to send us an email with your order number to kontakt@balloonas.com. We will be happy to help and find a solution as soon as possible!

The download won't work - what should I do?

If you have trouble downloading your bought product, check the following:


Have you typed in the right email address?

The link to download will be sent to you by email. If you gave us the wrong email address, there won’t be any possibility to get the link to download or order details after closing the window.


Did you check your spam mails?

Infrequently, it may happen that our emails are received as spam mails.


The link to download is not working?

If you have the feeling, the download link is not working, first check your internet connection as well as your PDF reader program. Try it again. If still, the download won’t work, send us an email with your order number to kontakt@balloonas.com. We’re happy to help and will provide you with your printable as soon as possible.

How do I convert vouchers?

Bevor checking out, you can insert your voucher code above your summary of products.

How to enter a voucher code

A soon as you have applied the code by clicking the button, the site is going to refresh. If your voucher is valid you now will see a confirmation message. The discount will be shown after proceeding with your purchase. Proceed to checkout to insert your personal data and check your order.

Your voucher is valid

The discount of your voucher will be shown in your order summary and you can now complete your purchase with paying.

Voucher discount is being shown