Soccer Party Picks


Soccer Party Picks Set to easily decorate your party buffet

Product Information

Soccer Party Picks to topper your buffet or to decorate!

Use our printable for Party Picks to top your party snacks with fun Soccer related motifs and turn your birthday buffet into something special. With these toppers in different designs, you can create a fun decoration for your kids’ soccer themed party that all the little kicker fans are going to love. So easy to make these eye-catchers for a special party!


What is included?

The 52-part kit for DIY provides different patterns and fun motifs such as footballs, jerseys and flags. As a result, you get 26 Soccer Party Picks in total. The printable is available for instant download, just print and start crafting.


What else?

Within one month, you can download the printable three times in total. Once you downloaded the printable, you can print and copy as many figures as you want. Just print the template you prefer in the desired number.


Supplies: 1 pdf including four printables (8.5 x 11) with 14x footballs, 8x soccer player, 2x yellow/red cards, 2x World Champion signs, 2x trophies, 8x jerseys, 4x balloons with soccer sayings, 4x goals, 4x flags and 4x whistles. As a result, you get 26 Party Picks in total.

Size: Depending on the motif.
In addition: Printer & paper, scissors, glue, toothpick or skewer.


Check out our Soccer archive to find more ideas for an unforgettable kicker party.


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