Safari Photo Booth


Colorful accessories for your Safari Birthday Shooting!


Product Information

Safari Photo Booth Set for colorful Jungle shots!

The Safari Photo Booth Set turns your birthday guests into little explorers on a big safari. Use some of the tools like animal masks, binoculars, hats, sunglasses or plants and start the shooting. Make some unforgettable memories of your birthday party! Download, tinker, have fun!


What is included?

Download once, tinker endlessly! The template contains different motifs for the motto Safari. The Photo Booth accessories are printed, cut out and glued to paper straws. Then the Safari Photo Shooting can begin! The funny motifs of the Safari Photo Booth Set playfully turn the little party guests into little discoverers.


What else?

The 30-piece set is available for immediate download. Within one month, you can download the printable three times in total. Once you downloaded the printable, you can print and copy as many figures as you want.


Supplies: 1x PDF including 10 DinA4 printables with the following motifs: 4x plants, 5x animals, 3x sayings, 9x explorer’s clothing and accessoires, 1x sharp teeth, 8x animal masks. Size depends on the motif.


In addition: Printer & paper, scissors, glue, skewer and cardboards to strengthen the patterns if required.


You want the safari fun to go on? Find more ideas for your safari themed party here.

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