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Pirate Gift Stickers to decorate your giveaways

Product Information

Pirate Stickers for adventurous party favors 

Use our pirate stickers to make creative party favors for your pirate birthday party! With many pirate motifs you can turn simple paper bags and co. into exciting presents for your little guests. The matching name tags with many colorful motifs are perfect for closing or labelling the gifts.


What Do I get? 

Our colorful pirate stickers offer creative space for designing gift bags and other small party favors. In the printable you will find 34 different pirate motifs in different sizes as well as 10 name tags to write on. The original is available for immediate download and only needs to be printed. Simply cut out your favorite motifs and stick them on the gift bags – this turns every bag into an exciting bowling giveaway and therefore is a great memory of the party.


What else? 

Decorate as many pirate favors as you want for your party! You can download the printable 5 times within one month. Of course, once you have downloaded the original, you can print it out as often as you like.


The printable contains: 1x PDF à three DinA4 printing sheets including 2x pirates, 5x parrots, 5x treasure, 1x treasure chest, 2x binoculars, 1x compass, 1x anchor, 1x message in the bottle, 2x sabers, 2x hooks, 2x treasure maps, 1x speech motif, 2x pirate ships, 1x steering wheel, 1x flag, 1x bottle, 3x skulls, 1x hat and 10x name tags with different motifs

Size: depending on the motif (name tags: ca. 4cm x 8,5cm)


Arrrr! Our Pirate Treasure Hunt provides adventurous searching fun at your birthday party. Will the little pirates find the treasure hidden by the feared Captain Blackbeard?

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