Llama Birthday Package – Basic


Birthday Package to the motto Lama!

All you need in one package and with a click at your home: from the invitation on the decoration to the gift box.

Llama Invitation Card

Lama Invitation Card for your lamatastic Birthday Party!

Llama Place Cards and Straws

Llama table decoration for your motto birthday party

Llama Garland

Lama garland as your llamatastic Party Decoration

Llama Giftbox

Lama Giftbox for crafting

Product Information

With our Llama Birthday Package: Make your children’s birthday a playground for sweet llamas!


The birthday child wishes a party with the motto Llama? With the Lama birthday package, the search for suitable products for the children’s birthday party with funny llamas has come to an end. In the birthday package Basic you have all the important components of your children’s birthday with a click at your home: From the invitation on the decoration to the gift box.


What does the Llama Birthday Package include?


Your birthday package to the motto Llama contains all basic products that you need for a children’s birthday: Invitation Cards, Place Cards and Straws, Garland and Gift Boxes. The templates are available for immediate download and only need to be printed and crafted according to instructions. So you can get with one click all products for your children’s birthday with the motto Llama. When designing the products, we also put a lot of emphasis on matching all the products of your birthday package – only then is the birthday motto perfect. You can find all information about the individual Lama products in the birthday package at the product details of the respective products.


What else?


The templates can be downloaded within a month in total 3x. Of course you can print the templates as often as you like as soon as you have downloaded them and make them as often as you like. Simply print the templates in the required number. For an optimal result, we recommend you to print the originals with a paper thickness of 120-160 mg / m2.


Your child likes llamas but loves unicorns? Then take a look at our Unicorn products for the children’s birthday party or for the handicraft afternoon at home!

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