Invitation Pirates Treasure Chest


Pirates Treasure Chest Invitation for an exciting birthday party

Product Information

Invitation Pirates Treasure Chest for your pirate party

With our exciting Pirate Treasure Chest Invitation, you can invite little pirates to a big party! Cut out the inside as well as the outside of the printable, fold and glue it as described on the original and write an invitation text for your little pirate guests. Now you can push the labelled inside into your prepared outside of the treasure chest and the invitation is ready.


What do I get?

The printable contains an inside and an outside for folding. The Pirate Treasure Chest Invitation offers you enough space inside to write down the most important information of your party. The original is available for immediate download and can be conveniently printed out from your home.


What else? 

You can download the printable 3 times within one month. Of course, once you’ve downloaded the original, you can print it out as often as you like – so you can make as many pirate treasure chests as you need!


Inhalt: 1x PDF á two DinA4 printing sheets (1x pirate treasure chest inside, 1x pirate treasure chest outside)

Size: Crafted treasure chest ca. 13,4cm x ca. 10cm


Your child wants to throw celebrate an exciting pirate birthday? Have a look at our pirate archive to find cool ideas!

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