Horse Treasure Hunt


Exciting Treasure Hunt with DIY hobbyhorses

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Horse Treasure Hunt – Where is Little Star? 

In this horse treasure hunt, the children are called to help by the Lucky Ranch to find the missing horse Little Star. The kids start by making their hobbyhorses and finally start looking for Little Star. They ride, follow hints and tracks, and have to pass tasks and riddles. Will the children find the missing horse?



What Do I get? 

The horse game for immediate download contains:

  • Game manual and preparation instructions
  • Horse poster “Little Star”
  • Printable hobbyhorse light
  • Printable hobbyhorse dark
  • Stickers for the hobbyhorses
  • Horse can throwing
  • Horse Quiz


Additionally, you’ll need:

  • Wooden sticks for the hobbyhorses in the number of children (approx. 1cm x 100cm)
  • A little pile of hay
  • 6 cans for can throwing
  • Scissors and glue stick for crafting


What else? 

You can download the printable 5 times within one month. Of course, once you download the original, you can print it as often as you like. So the treasure hunt can start at any time!


Content: 5x PDF with DinA4 printing sheets.

  • 1x PDF with 9 DinA4 sheets: game poster template (dimensions: approx. 57cm x 80cm)
  • 1x PDF with 21 DinA4 Print sheets: Game instructions and preparation
  • 1x PDF with 2 DinA4 printing sheets: hobbyhorse bright
  • 1x PDF with 2 DinA4 printing sheets: hobbyhorse dark
  • 1x PDF with 1 DinA4 sheet: stickers


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