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Gardening Party Game for the little ones 

Our Gardening Party Game guarantees exciting game fun for the little gardeners! The children can throw balls at the cups with the animals one after the other with a table tennis ball. If an animal cup is hit, the child may take a chip from the corresponding animal. The chip shows a part of the animal. The aim of the game is to match one of the animals (or all of them if you like) with the chips by hitting the cup. Who has all the chips of mole, snail and / or hedgehog together first? An animal fun for the little ones!


What Do I get?

The Gardening Party Games printable contains the game poster, throwing cups and animal chips. Simply print out the template and glue the poster together according to the instructions. Then cut out all templates for the 3 throwing cups and glue them together. Glue the finished cups to the marked spots on the poster with hot glue. Now, cut out the garden animal chips.


Additionally, you’ll need:

  • cardboard for reinforcement (dimensions: 36cm x 78cm)
  • glue, scissors, cutter knife


What else?

You can download the printable 5 times within one month. Once you have downloaded the original, you can print it out as often as you like. So the game fun can begin at any time!


Inhalt: 1x PDF à 13 DinA4 printing sheets. One print includes:

  • Printable for game poster (ca. 36cm x 78cm)
  • Printable for 3 throwing cups
  • Animal chips for crafting
  • Instructions for crafting


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