Fairytale Castle Gift Box


Fairytale Castle Gift Box for little princesses

Product Information

With this Fairytale Castle Gift Box, giving make double fun!

The idea is to use the fairytale castle gift box in various ways: First, you can use the box including little princess patterns as a package for little gifts you want to give away. Second, you can provide the gift boxes for your own birthday party for returning a nice party favor. If you look for a royal gift package or provide an own birthday party, you definitively make little princesses very happy with this tool.


What is included?

The printable provides the Fairytale Castle Gift Box in four different designs including a royal castle, princess patterns and step-by-step instructions. The template is available for instant download – print, cut, fold. By follow the DIY instructions, your gift box is going to be finished easily.


What else?

Within one month, you can download the printable three times in total. Once you downloaded the printable, you can print and copy as many figures as you want. Just print the template you prefer in the desired number. We suggest you to print the templates on paper-based 120-160gsm to get the best result.


Supplies: 1 pdf with four printables (8.5 x 11) providing the template to DIY. Thie templates include four different designs with a fairytale castle, cute princess patterns and instructions.

Size: 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4.


In addition: Printer & paper, scissors, glue.



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