Detective Garland


Exciting Detective Garland to decorate your childrens birthday party!

Product Information

Detective Garland for your Sherlock Holmes Party

This Detective Pennant Garland transforms your home into a playground for little detectives! Riddles, tracks and lots of detective fun awaits the little ones! With the garland you have a cool decoration idea for your detective birthday party.


What do I get?

With one Printable, consisting of 24 different pennants, you can make a Detective Garland with many cool detective motifs. The garland is decorated according to the motto in typical camouflage colors and decorated with typical detective motifs. The template is available for immediate download and just needs to be printed, cut out and the pennants are stuck to a string. Already you can hang the pennant garland and decorate your home matching the motto.


What else?

The template can be downloaded within a month in total 3x. Of course you can print the template as soon as you have downloaded it as often as you like and make as many pennants as you like. Simply print the desired designs in the required number! For an optimal result, we recommend you to print the original with a paper thickness of 120-160 mg / m2.


Contents: 1x PDF à 12 DinA4 sheets with 24x different pennants in different colors (gray, green, orange, beige) and motives (detective, beagle, handcuffs, magnifying glasses, binoculars, camera, walky-talky, whistle and TOP SECRET inscription.

Dimensions: 9cm x 9cm (height and width of a folded pennant)

You also need: printer & paper, scissors, glue, cord

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